How to fix iphone 6 6s Wi-Fi signal weak and connot connect to Wi-Fi

Hey, friends If you can come across the problem of iphone 6 cannot connect the Wi-Fi. If you cannot connect network, your life and work are inconvenient. And iPhone 6 has a weak signal and cannot connect to Wi-Fi. Even if connected to Wi-Fi, it cannot surf the Internet. The Wi-Fi chip has been replaced. So when your iphone has this problem, you should solve quickly. Now I will recommend you to fix your broken iphone.

Repair Process:
1. Make sure your iphone WiFi password is correct.
2. After power on and test, signal cannot be searched with Wi-Fi switched on. After teardown the iphone by new Screwdriver opening tool Set , we find the connection between the iron sheet and the Wi-Fi antenna is not doing well.


3. Wi-Fi signal can be searched with the well connection between the iron sheet and the Wi-Fi antenna. But the Wi-Fi signal is not stable because customer has already replaced the Wi-Fi chip . First excluding the problems caused by Wi-Fi chip, we mainly measure Wi-Fi signal reception circuit.
4. After measuring, we know capacitance C5133_RF is short circuit.



5. After replacing a new capacitance, turn on iPhone and test. The Wi-Fi signal keeps stable. The trouble is removed.

The guide is profession and cautious, when you don't uncertain about fix your iphone by yourself, you can contact the nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider. You can find these high quality iphone repair tools at Wish helpful to you.