The solution of iphone 6 6s display IMEI when dialing *#06#

If your iphone 6 dropped, it shows no IMEI when dialing *#06#, what can you do? Someone come across this situation can very distressed, but few people know how to solve. This article will recommend you to to solve this situation.

What's the situation on your iPhone?

This kind of trouble is caused by RFFE bus of the baseband that does not work. In most cases of dropped iPhones, the circuit of pin U1 of the baseband CPU is disconnected. The location of pin U1 is shown in picture.


How to solve the problem?

To solve the problem that dropped iPhone displays no IMEI when dialing *#06#, you must step-by-step and be discreet.
1. Removing baseband CPU to check whether the pin U1 comes off from the solder pad.
2. Measuring the iphone diode data of U1, U2, U5 and R5.
3. After teardown iPhone, you can remove baseband CPU, then we can find pin U1 and pin V1 come off from the solder pad. This iPhone 6 6s shows no IMEI when dialing *#06# because when pin U1 comes off, baseband CPU cannot communicate with peripheral circuit.


4. You can scrape the circuit that is connected to the pin U1 and V1 on solder pad.


5. Then plate the welded joints of U1 and V1 with tin and place two enameled jump wire on the solder pad of U1 and V1.


6. At last, paint green UV Solder Resist on them and reassemble baseband CPU. The signal becomes normal after power on, so the trouble is removed.

Then your iphone 6 6s regular move. For a longer description of the method, as well as lots more iphone repair tools and techniques, visit