Why is Wi-Fi Grayed Out on your iphone 6? Here's the Fix!

  • Trouble Phenomenon:

IPhone 6 Wifi toggle button greyed out. Unable to toggle Wifi ON to connect to the internet on iPhone 6. Can't push WiFi button and it's grey instead of green. And hasn’t been fixed well at other repairing center.

  • Repair Process:

1. After teardown, we can see the Wi-Fi chip is stuck on solder pad by Polyimide Tape .
2. Tear the tape off and remove the Wi-Fi chip, we notice many pins dropped off from the solder pad, 18 in total. Among them, there is a empty pin that doesn’t need us to fix.
3. Clean the solder pad and mend the 17 pins, painting green UV SOLDER MASK.



4. After finishing the above steps, reassemble the Wi-Fi chip and power on. Test it and Wi-Fi can be opened normally. The trouble is removed.

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