Dual SIM Card: Teach You Install the Second SIM Card on iPhone

Whether does you want to install a Dual SIM Card to differentiate work and personal life? Normally said, a single SIM card is conveniently and easily to manage, in exceptional cases we have to have two SIM cards. But after all, that SIM tray is far too small to accept another SIM, and not sure if it needs jailbreaking. Don 't worry, Vip FIx Shop Team will help you solve the problem.

You just can need one tool to do. Now I wiil show you how to use dual SIM on your iPhone card adapter.
VIPFIX Koosim IPhone Dual SIM Card Adapter For Two SIM Slot
KOOSIM 2017 latest perfect DUALSIM for iPhones.
VIPFIX Koosim is an iPhone Dual SIM Card Adapter which allows to use two SIM cards in your Dual SIM iPhone.
VIPFIX Koosim Dual sim card adapter for all global SIM iPhone, and it is the helpful phone repair assistant.

It is high performance phone fix assistant to designed for carrying the second sim card on iPhone.
The mini body dual SIM card adapter can be compatible with all versions of iPhone firmware(including all versions).
Don' t change and damage your SIM siol;
Easily install and remove;
Don' t make your power consumptionbigger.
Two sim card adapter for iPhone.
Choose SIM 1 or SIM2 online just takes you 5 seconds.
Share 2 SIM cards mobile data freely in 1 iPhone.
Easy installation just takes you 5 minutes.
Clobal origination, the latest high-tech product, 15-years experience in dualism card.


How to Install the Second SIM Card?
Cutting your NANO SIM card.
You need' t take another SIM card or SIM card socket in your posket.
Remark: All iPhone, just can inset 1 sim, usually if you have 2 sim cards, you have to put 1 sim in your pocket. but if you have KOOSIM, it helps you carry the 2nd SIM card.
Set call diverting, you will miss no calls.
Dial 001 or 002 to choose SIM 1 or SIM 2 online.
Needn' t download and install APP.
Needn' t added Bluetooth-connected.
Needn' t change your mobile original accessories.
More information about phone repair guides and tools, you can ask help for Vip Fix Shop Team.