FIXED: iPhone 6 Plus Restart and Unknown Error (9)

If your iPhone 6 plus keeps restarting randomly we are sure it drives you crazy. Because It can restart in the middle of the phone call or when you were just about to reach the new high score playing your favorite game. What is causing this annoying issue and How to fix it? Now vipfix can help you.
Trouble Phenomenon:
It sometimes can get into IOS, but it reboots itself repeatedly. Customer said: it was dropped. Occasionally, it reboots after getting into IOS for a few minutes. It reports unknown error (9) when rooting.
Repair Process:
1. When I root it and it does report unknown error (9). Based on my experience, if dropped iPhones reports unknown error (9), CPU pins connected with logic board are missing. Measure U16X eeprom chip, finding it is pseudo soldering. Solder CPU and jump wires, as shown in picture 1-1.

2. I think iPhones is fixed, but when I get into IOS to test, the screen is blurred sometimes. Check display circuit and I find that display power supply PP5V7_LCM_AVDDH near display screen FPC socket is abnormal. PP5V7_LCM_AVDDH is output by chip U1501, as shown in picture 1-2.

3. At U1501’s peripheral capacitor C1569, I measure its output voltage. The voltage is normal. The location of C1569 on motherboard is shown in picture 1-3.

4. I do not find any voltage at C2071. U 1501 outputs PP5V7_LCM_AVDDH and transmits it to display socket passing by FL2037, as shown in picture 1-4.

5. The location of C2071 on motherboard is shown in picture 1-5.

6. Measure inductor FL2037 and it is workable. The location of FL2037 on motherboard is shown in picture 1-6.

7. Thus I can be sure that motherboard is disconnected somewhere. Jump a wire to connect the disconnected place, as shown in picture 1-7 and 8.


8. After jumping the wire, I turn iPhone on and get IOS normally. Trouble is removed.