How to Expand the 16G iPad Mini 1

If you think that your iPad mini has the smaller memory, and you want to expand the memory. How do you do? And what tools do you need? Vipfix is a on-line exporter featuring China Original Universal programmer, for online shop owners wholesale dropship at very low price. It can help you to expand your memory.(1-1)

Repair Process:
1. After tearing it down and taking out motherboard, cut off the shield cover, as shown in picture 1-2.

2. Next remove the black glue and use air gun to remove the NAND FLASH. Clean the black glue and tin. Flatten motherboard solder pad, as shown in picture 1-3.

3. Use the NAND FLASH testing jig to write all underlying data information and series number of the new NAND FLASH. The NAND FLASH testing jig is shown in picture 1-4.

4. The software operation interface of NAND FLASH testing jig is shown in picture 1-5.

5. At last, solder the NAND FLASH balls on motherboard and connect computer to root by iTunes, as shown in picture 1-6 and 7.



6. It is activated and gets into IOS system normally. Check the NAND FLASH storage in “Settings” →“General” → “About iPad”, as shown in picture 1-8.