SOLVED: iPhone SE Battery Drains Fast After Water Damaged

When your iphone SE dropped into water, you will come across many situations.A customer did an experiment that put the iPhone SE into the water,and found the iPhone SE battery drains fast after dropping into water. So vipprog will help you to solve the solution. When you are DIY by yourself, you can try to choose some phone repair tools that you need.

Customer said his iPhone SE battery drained fast after little water got in, but after turning on it can be used normally.
First: Tear it down and plug a adjustable power supply to offer power supply to motherboard. The standby current is 50mA, which suggests that there is electric leakage. After removing the PP_VCC_MAIN voltage and its Q2300, the problem remains the same. So the electric leakage does not come from PP_VCC_MAIN voltage. Q2300 in circuit diagram is shown in picture 1-1.


Second: Checking the circuits that connect battery power supply, we find that the power amplifier chip at the lowest part of board has been watered. Plug a adjustable power supply and the standby current is normal. Replace the power amplifier power supply chip and test. It can be turned on and electric leakage disappears. The material object of the Q2300 on motherboard is shown in picture 1-2. The material object of the power amplifier power supply chip on motherboard is shown in picture 1-3.