Solution For iPhone 5s No Wi-Fi and Motherboard Disconnect

If you come across the situation that iPhone 5s no Wi-Fi, so caused the motherboard disconnect, don' t worry, vip fix shop team can help you. 

Trouble phenomenon:
iPhone 5S no WIFI, the address of wireless LAN is unknown, WIFI button is greyed out, there is Bluetooth address but the Bluetooth always in circling.

Repair Process:
1. Check the few original pieces on the back of the WIFI chip and found that these pieces are still on the right position, as shown in picture 3-4-1.



2. Disassemble the WIFI chip and then measure the diode data of the pad by digital multimeter and found the signal of 51 pin WLAN_REG_ON has no data, as shown on picture 3-4-2, but in normally it should be 500+.


3. After check the circuit diagram and found this signal is directly connected to the power IC E11 pin, as shown in picture 3-4-3. So, we initially judge either the power chip was broken or the circuit board was disconnection.


4. Put the WIFI chip on the PCB holder, then remove the power chip and check the data between two points, the result is infinite, as shown in picture in 3-4-4 according to this we can prove the circuit board was disconnection.


5. This signal line is in the middle of the solder pad, and we measure it with multimeter, as shown in picture 3-4-5, we can see that these are normal.


6. Jump wire from power chip pad to the bottom of WIFI chip. The photos are as follows 3-4-6 and 3-4-7.



7. Make the pin on Power IC, and clean it with chip graver tool, then assemble the WIFI module and power chip. As shown in picture 3-4-8, 3-4-9 and 3-4-10.




8. Test it, and all is fine, now just install the shield, then the problem of iPhone was resolved and you can use it normally