FIXD: iPhone 6 Motherboard Pins Drops and Not Working

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Repair Process:
1. For those motherboard whose pins drops seriously, I have to replace it with other workable motherboard. That is to say, remove all the major parts to other workable motherboard. Find a iPhone 6 motherboard in picture 1-2.


2. Remove all the chips and tin them. First solder main power supply, USB charge management chip, charge field tube, NAND Flash and CPU and so on, as shown in picture 1-3.


3. Then turn it on and it can display normally, as shown in picture 1-4. The previous parts are soldered normally. Next I continue to remove the small parts.


4. After removing all the parts. Turn it on and get into IOS to test. All the functions are normal. “about iPhone” can display all the serial number, as shown in picture 1-5.