SOLVED: iPhone 6 Leaks Electricity after Soaking

iPhone 6 leaks electricity after dropping into water is a major nuisance because it's so unexpected. Sometimes when we are in the unfamiliar places that without navigation or communication tools, we will feel hopeless. But when you hold a phone 6 in your hand and discover that no electricity or can't use, it's more painful for your heart. Don't worry, vipprog can help you fix your iphone 6 well.
The iPhone 6 leaks electricity after dropping into water and the usage time is shortened badly. A full standby battery will run out next day.
1. Tear down iPhone and observe, finding that motherboard is obviously watered. The water inflow label becomes red, as shown in picture 1-1.


2. Remove the main shield cover and find that motherboard components is eroded and goes mouldy. Use board-washing water to clean the eroded places and pry up the badly eroded and discoloured capacitors (picture 1-2). Use preheater to dry the motherboard.


3. After drying the motherboard, connect the adjustable DC power supply. The current shows 16mA. While before triggering on the normal iPhone 6 motherboard, four- number ammeter shows 0.000A. Showing 0.016mA suggests that it leaks electricity.

4. Based on the working principles of iPhone, only PP_BATT-VCC and PP_VCC_MAIN have electricity in the case of not pressing power button. Thus, the electricity leakage happens at the voltage of the two circuits. Because many components are connected at the two circuits, we have to analyze them separately. First measure PP_BATT-VCC. The circuits that connect with PP_BATT_VCC in schematics diagram is shown in yellow part in picture 1-3.


5. Remove Q1403 and U1401 to cut the circuit of PP_VCC_MAIN. Energize motherboard and find no electricity, so the problems happen at PP_VCC_MAIN. In general, badly electricity leakage problems can be judged by rosin. However, the electricity leakage happens at this motherboard is not serious. No components generate heat obviously, so rosin is useless. We have to tear them one by one. At the bitmap, we can see that many components are at this circuit. The circuits that connect with PP_ VCC_MAIN in bitmap is shown in yellow part in picture 1-4.


6. First we remove the capacitors at this circuit and then remove the chips that are connected with the capacitors. When remove the ascending frequency chip U5302_RF of the near field communication, electricity leakage disappears. The board after removing the voltage boost chip, flashlight chip and display chip is shown in picture 1-5.


7. The ascending frequency chip U5302_RF (picture 1-6) of the near field communication cause electricity leakage. Its solder pad at motherboard is shown in picture 1-7.



8. Reassemble the previous removed parts and assemble iPhone. After testing for two days, the problems no longer appear. Trouble is removed.