iphone 5s: Leaks Electricity and PCB burns Issue

When you come across iphoen 5s leaks electricity, maybe you will very boring and desperate, but it's not out of the question. Although iphone is the most popular mobile phone, it still has hardware problems on some specific functions. Now vipprog will show you the solution to fix iPhone 5S leaks electricity and the PCB is obviously hot.

A customer sent an iPhone 5S leaks electricity and the PCB is obviously hot.
1. Plug the adjustable power supply and the standby current is about 50mA. After 1 min, we can feel that the baseband circuits and the front and rear sides are hot.
2. Unplug and plug the adjustable power supply for several times, we can feel that USB Control chip U2 gets hot faster than other parts. According to the repair experience, we remove USB management chip U2. The motherboard without U2 is shown in picture 1-1.
USB management chip U2 in bitmap is shown in picture 1-2.


3. Replace U2 with a new USB management chip and assemble the iPhone. After testing, the electricity leakage disappears. Trouble is removed.