iPhone 6 Plus white screen error show Apple logo screen

Last week, customer described that iPhone displayed normally, but it was a little curved. After straightening it with hand, iPhone displayed white screen and rebooted automatically. It reported error when rebooted. Vipprog engineers are bringing you a full set of repair guides iphone 6 plus white screen and restarted after display apple logo.

Repair checking:
According to repairing experience, the problem of white screen is very likely to be caused by CPU, EEPROM chip and Nand Flash Memory. In addition, the customer has straightened the iPhone. We can conclude the empty solder or welding joints drop on CPU may cause the problem. Therefore, we should reweld the CPU.

Repair Processing:

1. Remove the CPU, we find a circuit towards chip disconnects. Besides, the other circuit is not stable either, so place a jump wire to the relevant pin of chip.


How to wire the CPU solder pad is shown in picture.


2. After wiring well, weld the wire to the pin of chip under stereo zoom microscope, as shown in picture.


3. After finishing the above steps, reweld CPU, as shown in picture.


4. Then the root goes on smoothly. Enter system and activate interface. Trouble is removed.