A short repair guide about iPhone 7 A10 CPU

Today I will recommend a practical product that is A10 CPU of iPhone 7, sand introduce iphone 7 A10 CPU guide. Vipprog engineers are bringing you a full set of repair guides for the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus A10 CPU, In the meantime, here’s everything you need Experience skills about Fix A10 CPU of iPhone 7.

1. Put QUICK 861DW turn the temperature to 300 degrees and Four-block wind, then we can easily remove the shield.

2. Using hot air gun to heat and remove the glue around the A10 CPU.



3. The hot air gun is open to 320 degrees and start to pry the A10. Evenly heating 40 to 60 seconds and then we can use Dual-End pry bar to pry. You should pay attention to feel when you pry it , however it is no problem for those frequently pry A8 . There is something we should know that the color of CPU baseband is yellow, just don't be think it as a flaw.


4. Add some BGA Solder Flux Paste on the solder tray of mainboard, and using the residual temperature of hot air gun after pry CPU to remove the glue of mainboard solder tray.


5. Also add the BGA Solder Flux Paste to the CPU and remove glue by solder iron. You can safely use solder iron to shave because the material of glue on A10 is same to A9 which is easy to remove.


6. Coating CPU with tin by A10 BGA Reballing Stencil, the capacitance of CPU can no be installed.

7. Put the CPU in the right position, then turned on the hot air gun with 290 degrees and we can begin to install the CPU. At this time ,we should use BGA Reballing Stancil or insulation tape to separated baseband. After heating about 30 seconds, we can see the CPU has fallen and we can stop heating.


8. After cooling the mainboard, install the screen and turn on the power, then test it, we can found that the problem was resolved and the iPhone 7 has back to normal.


While we hope you don’t need these guides just yet, we want to make sure all you accident-prone folks out there know how to fix the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus.